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    Iowa fertiliser company books capacity on CO2 pipeline


Dallas-based Navigator CO2 Ventures is planning a CO2 pipeline for US Plains states.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Iowa fertiliser company books capacity on CO2 pipeline

Navigator CO2 Ventures, a Dallas-based sequestration specialist, said November 29 it had entered into an agreement with a fertiliser company to provide transportation and storage services on its Heartland Greenway project.

Heartland Greenway is a proposed 2,100 km-long pipeline that could have a peak sequestration capacity of 15mn mt/yr of CO2. Assuming all hurdles are cleared, the project could be operational by 2025, servicing industrial customers in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Navigator said it entered into an agreement with Iowa Fertilizer Company, a subsidiary of fertiliser producer OCI, to provide transportation and storage facilities on the Heartland Greenway project.

Navigator envisions a takeaway capacity of some 1.1mn mt/yr of CO2 for the Iowa company. Once all pieces are installed, Navigator assumes that will be enough to capture all of the CO2 emitted from Iowa Fertilizer Company, which operates the largest fertiliser plant in the state.

“We are excited to partner with Navigator on this project which allows for an effective and quick solution to reduce our CO2 footprint and offer low carbon products to our customers across the value chain from our world-scale facility in Iowa,” said Ahmed El-Hoshy, the CEO of OCI.

The project enjoys backing from investment firm BlackRock and is commercially anchored by Texas-based energy company Valero.