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Volume 1, Issue 6 - July 13, 2020

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GasTransitions Vol. 1, Issue 6

How will the gas industry evolve in the low-carbon world of the future?

Will natural gas be a bridge or a destination?

Could it become the foundation of a global hydrogen economy, in combination with CCS?

How big will “green” hydrogen and biogas become?

What will be the role of LNG and bio-LNG in transport?

Gas Transitions is an independent monthly magazine providing news, insights and opinions on the evolving role of gas in an increasingly low-carbon energy system.

 Available monthly to NGW Premium Subscribers.

In this Issue: 

From the Editor

Germany’s second Energiewende: repeating the mistakes of the first

The case for methane pyrolysis

Three experts explain how natural gas may be converted to zero-carbon hydrogen without the need for carbon capture and storage. 

Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy: “the Second Energiewende”

The German government goes all-out for “green hydrogen”, even going as far as claiming that it represents a second Energiewende. But Germany’s “green hydrogen economy” will lean heavily on imports.

AFRY sees natural gas sector in Europe shrink to the size of Japan’s

Consultancy AFRY has produced an outlook for the European energy system for Spanish utility Iberdrola which sees the role of natural gas reduced considerably.

U.S. utilities bypass the gas bridge

Utilities in three U.S. states have recently announced plans to close one or more of their coal plants and build new renewables—without adding any new gas-fired generation to serve as a “bridge”.

How to make money with CO2

Experts from McKinsey describe several routes to re-use captured carbon.

Gas Transition News

• Equinor builds world’s first large facility for “blue” hydrogen in UK

• Thyssenkrup in hydrogen partnerships with RWE and E.ON

• “European steel producers need financial support to go zero-carbon”

• Dutch chemical cluster to be climate neutral in 2050

• New record for direct solar-to-hydrogen cells

• Hydrogen can play key role in greening aviation

• And more 

Gas Transitions Vol. 1, Issue 1


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