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    Canada’s Active Rig Count Surges


US active count up by one rig

by: Dale Lunan

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Canada’s Active Rig Count Surges

The number of active rigs working in Canada surged by 23% in the last week, US service giant Baker Hughes said September 18 in its much-followed rotary rig survey.

For the week ended September 18, 64 rigs were active in Canada, up from 52 the previous week. That total, however, is well below pre-pandemic levels of more than 200 and the September 20, 2019 count of 119 active rigs.

Active oil rigs grew by 11, to 30, while one additional gas rig was counted, moving the total to 34. Provincially, Saskatchewan added eight active rigs, Alberta added four and Manitoba saw one more rig at work. The Newfoundland offshore count fell to one from two last week.

In the US, one rig was added to the active fleet, moving the total there to 255 active rigs, down from a pre-Covid-19 level of 793 and the year-ago count of 868 active rigs. The Haynesville and Marcellus gas plays and North Dakota’s Williston oil play each gained one active rig, while the Permian oil play and one “Other” oil play each lost one rig.