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    UK fuels firm builds up LNG footprint


Gasrec has acquired facilities that will help with the energy transition.

by: Daniel Graeber

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UK fuels firm builds up LNG footprint

UK fuels company Gasrec announced April 9 that it was addressing demand concerns with the addition of new LNG infrastructure for the nation’s road transport network.

Gasrec acquired five bio-LNG refuelling stations and cryogenic trailers from an undisclosed supplier. COO James Westcott said the new development can help ensure the infrastructure and supplies are there to facilitate the switch over to the super-cooled gas.

“The additional refuelling facilities are the perfect size for helping operators begin the transition to bio-LNG, ahead of more permanent infrastructure being built,” he said. “

Gasrec estimates that sales of bio-LNG, which is typically sourced from landfill gas, from its largest British freight terminal increased more than 250% over the last year.

Natural-gas powered vehicles emit 99% fewer particulate emissions and 70% less nitrogen oxide than conventional fuels.