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Fourth leak at Nord Stream pipelines reported

Russia and the West are trading accusations over who is to blame for the suspected sabotage.

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Downstream US Market Outlook, 2021 & Beyond

There has arguably never been as much change in the downstream industry as there has been over the last 18 months. As the world’s economies fire up for revival it has become clear that downstream, and the products we produce, are critical to global recovery.

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Moisture Measurement Technologies For Natural Gas

Moisture and oxygen measurements are critical to natural gas quality. The quality of the natural gas is reliant on many factors, which include moisture and oxygen content.

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ESG Certification: Pathway to an Equitable Future

As the global discussion on the direction of ESG initiatives continues to take center stage, Equitable Origin, ARC Resources, and Énergir reflect on their experience and collaboration on ESG certification. The discussion will focus on the history of the collaboration over the years and how it started, as well as what it has achieved to the present day. This will continue with further reflections and thoughts as to how their collaboration evolves into the future, and what such initiatives could mean for the energy industry if there was wider adoption of ESG certification.

In a Nutshell by Natural Gas World

Bi-monthly podcast looking into the latest developments in the natural gas markets by the editorial team of Natural Gas World. Insight, commentary and interviews with leading experts on natural gas matters.